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Each person’s comfort and grip is subjective, as are mouse grips and there’s not one comfortable clasp or mouse which can fulfill every consumer, make it for gaming or for office work. First off, here’s a rundown of the greatest mice fopr the different kinds of grips. Different mice for Various grips Top 10 Gaming Palm Mice Razer Deathadder Chroma Logitech G400 Roccat Kone XTD SteelSeries Rival Zowie EC1 Mionix Naos 8200 CM Storm Sentinal Advance II A4 Tech Bloody Series V7M Ultracore CM Storm Mizar Corsair Vengeance M95 Top 8 Gaming Claw Grips 1Mionix Castor 2Razer Deathadder Elite 3Logitech G300s 4Corsair Vengeance M65 5SteelSeries Kana 6Roccat Savu 7Tt esports azurues 8Logitech G100s Top 5 Best Gambling Fingertip Grips 1Logitech G502 2BenQ Zowie FK2 3Steelseries Rival 300 4Razer DeathAdder Elite 5Tecknet Professional Generally speaking each Individual falls into three types of mouse grips whenever they use their mouse; the Claw Grip, the Palm Grip and eventually the Tip Grip. Each traction kind has distinct points at which the consumers hand is in contact with the mouse. Based on those mix you may find that they be suited to another gaming style and provide strengths to certain types of games. For instance a claw clasp player will be ideal for a claw clasp mouse. Fr Computer mouse grips The Most Popular Gaming Mouse Grips; The Claw, Tip and Palm Style Palm Grip This is unquestionably the most popular type of grip and is used by over 50% of all mouse customers. This is the most natural way which the hand rests on the mouse and so that you may understand why most people embrace this method of holding their mouse, it’s just the most natural sense. The hand and mouse are in touch the mouse from the three approaches and much contact is given, meaning far more control. Mice that are made around this grip are longer and have a steeper arch back to provide much better support of their hand. Advantages: More relaxed posture, great for gliding control, great for delicate controls Cons: Not good for games requiring speed or rapid repeating movements suffer in agility Claw Grip With this grip the hands is arched up giving less contact between the hands and the mouse, forming a claw form. These types of claw grip mouse are more suited to RTS games. The arch is generally bigger and more aggressive and usually shorter. Locating the Ideal claw traction mouse provides you the following benefits and pitfalls; Benefits: Suited towards rapid pruning, provides a feeling of greater control when moving back and forth