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Not only is the interface well-designed, but there are plenty of tutorials to help you get the hang of things. You can take advantage of the powerful layering tools to completely transform your images. Or, you can use a lighter hand to adjust color and lighting. Whatever your needs may be, Photoshop is capable enough to meet them. No list of photo-editing software titles is complete without mentioning Photoshop. This title is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known image editors in the world. It’s so popular that the name “Photoshop” has become synonymous with the act of manipulating images.

Several preset enhancements are powered by artificial intelligence. The software analyzes your images and chooses the right enhancements to make. Corel PaintShop Pro is often regarded as the simpler version of Photoshop. It’s a feature-rich image editor that’s much more accessible than other professional software.

In this guide, we’ll cover the 19 best photo editing software capable of meeting the needs of all types of photographers. As great as Adobe is, it’s not the only credible photo editing software out there. In fact, there are plenty of photo editing software available on the market to explore and choose from. Thanks to smartphones and Instagram filters, everyone is a photographer these days. But only real photographers know the value of editing raw images to bring out the very best in them.

Best Photo Editing Software For Mac

Let me know about your experience in the comment section below. For instance, GIMP could be the most suitable option for professionals who are looking for a powerful photo editing tool for free. However, to decide which photo editor is perfect for you depends on your preference, budget, photo editing skills, among other things. Adobe Photoshop is a tool that lets you edit and make detailed adjustments to any image. Adobe Lightroom is the platform that allows you to organize, import, and export photos. Both tools can be used in unison and are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud .

If you are a non-professional or beginner who wants to enter Adobe’s photo editing ecosystem, then Elements is an excellent option. Adobe Photoshop Elements is specially designed for beginners and comes with crisp and easy to use UI and powerful photo editing capabilities. Gimp is free, but it offers pro-level features to meet all essential photo editing requirements. However, it is cluttered with ads, which is a major distraction for any photo editing professional. Pixlr is right now offering substantial discounts on its pro subscription plans. You can get a monthly subscription at $5 and quarterly at $12. Some of its key features are unique from other popular photo editing programs present in the market.

  • This feature alone may keep Pixelmator Photo in my overall editing workflow — start there to get rid of unwanted objects before moving into Lightroom for final edits.
  • From the slide-in tool palette to how edits are applied, I’ve found myself bouncing around a fair bit trying to make heads or tails of the app.
  • There’s just not that much to love about Snapseed’s user interface, though.
  • Simply draw over the area you want corrected with the Apple Pencil , and Pixelmator Photo will do the rest.
  • Pixelmator Photo’s repair tool might be the best repair tool I tested in this review.

Photo RAW is quite a popular option among photographers because it offers cutting edge photo editing capabilities for free. The software comes with a free trial version for 30 days, which can be upgraded later on. Adobe needs no introduction in the world of photo editing. In fact softwares website, it continues to be a pioneer in releasing cutting-edge photo editing software updates over the years. It comes with powerful image editing capabilities with more affordable pricing. Its latest version, Luminar 4, is faster and provides a perfect blend of both Lightroom and Photoshop. With one single software, you get the best of both worlds.

While the above photo editors can handle various image retouching and photo manipulation tasks, there are times where it’s better to use a standalone program or plugin for a task. For a free photo editing software, RawTherapee is remarkably involved, with enough panels and sliders in the Editor module to have any photographer scrambling for a tutorial. There are plenty of colour correction tools and effects features, and batch edits are possible if a little clunkier than a paid software option. If you’re looking for the best photo editing software without any significant learning curve, Photoshop Elements 2020 is the one to check out. Still, if you’re looking for a single piece of photo editing software that can replace the Lightroom/Photoshop subscription, Affinity Photo is pretty much your best bet. Unlike the other photo editing software on this list, Affinity Photo takes more after Photoshop than Lightroom.