Today a wooden toy can not only be associated with a rocking horse 🙂
The range of products for children’s leisure, made of natural materials, is much wider: run bikes, scooters, tricycles, tolocars, pedal cars, balancers and others.

A runbike successfully combines characteristics of bicycle and scooter, suitable for all children up to six years old. Steering a feet-driven runbike is an easy and exciting task, even for the smallest kids.

Want to see a real toddler’s rally? Just let them try a runbike!

Our runbikes bring joy and happiness, develop coordination skills and train body muscles. Plus all that dynamic exercises take place in the fresh air! Definitely, these mental and physical trainings will positively impact on the mood of your kid.
We hope, that runbike will become the best and most wanted two-wheeled friend for your little investigators! But please be aware, that using of our runbikes during your walks, can significantly lengthen it’s timing 🙂

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